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Fan Fic Kantai Collection -Re Birth- by adhitia
Fan Fic Kantai Collection -Re Birth-

"Only the morning sun and seagulls who accept my existence ...."
-Murakumo abbysal-

It is said that one of the first where Kanmusu Murakumo fall in duty and drowned ..., and awakened by force "Abyssal" of the deep ocean floor, but the subconscious Murakumo refused once against evil to be something that can not be changed by the "powers Abyssal "fully ...
Finally, when she got up she became Abyssal different but still have consciousness "Murakumo" fully ... Murkumo with its abyssal form now have the advantages of the abyssal ... but not with weakness abyssal ...
Despite tangible abyssal ... Murakumo continue its mission against the abyssal alone, Murakumo Abyssal came and disappeared like a ghost in the battlefield (guerrilla) ...

Finally Murakumo Abyssal become "urban legend" among the kanmusu then ...
It is basically a form and strength abyssal owned Murakumo now be paid with severe consequences, which she still hunted by the Kanmusu as abyssal and want destroyed the fleet abyssal being perceived as "descendants failed" abyssal dangerous by itself ...
In the end Murakumo Abyssal sink the fleet kanmusu attack due to a misunderstanding ... Murakumo not retaliated ... basically he is unlikely to attack his own comrades .... and it's better to "not be in this world"
When Murakumo Abyssal considered sunk deep into the ocean floor ... actually she not completely dead ... because Murakumo Abyssal regeneration in a coma at a time of hibernation for the sake of total recovery ...


"I should not be in this world ... but why? ... Why I have always given a second chance ...?"
-Murakumo abbysal-

1000 years passed ...
An era where "Kanmusu" has become a myth at this time ..., and abyssal has evolved and dominate 70% of the world's oceans ...
Now the man is left to keep fighting against "abyssal" with the conventional technology of the past, and without the help of kanmusu at all ... after so long finally woke up and Abyssal Murakumo fully recovered from her coma future ...
And after Murakumo Abyssal fully aware he was quite amazed ...... "why the sea is so calm?" .... she was trying to the main headquarters of the place of origin (port) secretly .... and she just saw the ruins of the seemed to have left quite a long time ...
Then Murakumo Abyssal continue to see the remnants of this reuntuhan some more ....

and finally she found the room very familiar ... and it was the admiral room ... then she remembered the last time the command admiral ...
Murakumo would cry because it reminded her past and why she should be experienced anything as bad as this and be a "monster" ...
Amid the grief Murakumo heard the loud bang from the direction of the ocean ... of course Murakumo quite shocked and rushed out and anchored to the direction of the explosion indirectly she woke up from his grief ...
When approaching to the direction of the explosion ... Murakumo from afar saw a battle between Abysal with human carrier fleet with Abyssal ...

Abyssal Murakumo quite shocked ... she saw something different with the Abyssal ... they are much more violent and more inclined towards "monster" ...
Without thinking Murakumo Abyysal help the fleet ... with ease Murakumo Abyssal Abyssal defeat all enemies with a snap ...
However, after this incident remains as alleged by Murakumo own ... Murakumo still attacked by humans because Fleet was still regarded as "Abyssal" ...
Murakumo Abyssal avoid any attacks launched by humans without replying to attack them ... then the captain of the aircraft carrier is already beginning to feel suspicious ... why this abyssal just avoid attacks ... but if she wants to repay and can destroy aircraft carrier he leads with ease ...
Abyssal Murakumo conditions certainly still in the early stages of awakening ... so it is not strong enough to withstand all attacks launched by humans ... and suddenly she fainted in the middle survive attacks from the human ...
Then the mother ship captain struck If this opponent Abyysal they have no intention of destroying the human fleet .... then decided to stop the attack ... then ordered to save this Abyssal ...
Abyssal Murakumo finally rescued by the USS Catalina, simultaneously all the crew were surprised to see this Abyssal ... shape is almost similar to humans ... no ... it can be said even fully human until all crew crew wink particularly impressed not rescue team The Abyssal first raised to the medical room USS Catalina ...
The shocking thing is true of the medical team, they marveled over the restoration process of Abyssal Abyssal this ... where else do not have this capability, and is a fascinating, Abyssal age is approximately derived from a thousand years ago ..., after the medical team taking The Abyssal blood samples.
The color of blood also has a unique characteristic ... where blood orange.
Then the medical team told what they can from this abyssal to the captain of the USS Catalina, after hearing the story of the captain was quite interested in this Abyssal, making it the most curious is why this abyssal "different" from what was once the captain and all the crew face during this ...

To becontinued....
Linear Sphere - Reclusive by adhitia
Linear Sphere - Reclusive
1000 years after the story of Linear Sphere Original story (written by Azka Azari)

1000 years ago, humans were met with a new enemy in the form of "aliens" that looked like a man with the intent to invade the earth, then one of the legendary hero "Arisa" managed to stop the war between the two, even could make both of them together ...
And it is the story of 1000 years ago ...,

a thousand years from now begins the story of the original inhabitants of the earth where there is no more, all in the dominance of mixed race man and Invernus where racial mixture has a problem in durability in the fetus and difficult to breed, but if it manages to survive at the time tertentu..maka will be very strong as an adult ...

To overcome this, created an artificial island in the Pacific, which serves as an installation that aims to restore the human population ...
All went well until the enemy proved to be "Invernus origin" enemy of man in 1000 years ago to attack the island ...
Here is the second character after "Kwarista"

Aisha Syahjrir Sanada (27)
Is one of the captains of the special forces established to protect an artificial island in the Pacific, with the use of special clothing Linear gear unit named "Izanagi", the name is taken from one of the fighters apart "Arisa" in a thousand years ago ...
Aisha Syahjrir Sanada, who is fondly called Sanada by subordinates. Sanada is very strong in terms of strategy, he is a person who is never home to take action, Sanada is a captain who always pay attention to the mental condition of his subordinates.

Sanada very shrewd, strong, and skilled ... especially in combat on the ground, Sanada very superior in "silent kill" just like a ninja, Sanada always advance the mission first, then followed by his subordinates ... (there is a reason why he do this)
Sanada has the nickname "Devil Fox"

Sanada is a person who will sympathize heroic actions of civilians who use Linear Gear Prototype Arisa..dan it is Kwarista, that's why he always accompany Kwarista and educated in terms of the military base and maximize skilkl owned by Linear Gear arisa its ...
Sanada do this because the other side he remembered his son ...
Sananda husband also works in this artificial island ...

sorry for bad english TwT
R-Type R-90 ragnarok custom by adhitia
R-Type R-90 ragnarok custom
"Do you remember the R-Type ...?"

At least want to remember childhood memories in which the work of the above is based on the R-90 Ragnarok of series R-Type III era SNES console, at the same time want to make a fanfic story of R-Type ... X'3
This work is the possibility of a cover of "my old age ... and in the transition to a new era" ...: '3 but I will not forget the old era as is "basic primary"
Set in the era of 5000 years after the R-Type Final, which in this era of human battle with bydo is not there anymore ... even forgotten like a "myth", in this era of technology can even be said to be backed up, and the man again tried re looking for old technology to improve the geographical conditions of the earth that have been classified as "damaged" and restore the human population ...
In this era of emerging new race of Man and Bydo combination of itself, this is all due to the effects of war 1000 years ago that they are familiar with the "Seeds Bydo Incident II" (supposedly the incident that resulted in half the world population disappeared ...), racially mixed (combination) is "Hudo" (Human-Bydo) ...
Hudo itself has a special ability and durability which is much better than ordinary people, their special ability is a strong fighting instinct ...
But basically "race Hudo" existence is kept secret by the "world government (federation)" because it is like a race resulting from incidents in 1000 years ago in order to avoid misunderstanding of mankind for generations that have been "very averse to bydo" ... then from that the government uses "Hudo" as a "tool" defense and security of the world ...
Back to the story in which man wants to restore the earth to its original state ... raised a special military organization called the "green flag" where they are "rebels" large-scale living on the moon, where the rebels have a blue print technology of the past are saying "R-Type", a multi-purpose combat aircraft technology ...
Green Flag was the one who actually knows what is going on "Seeds Bydo Incident II", and why race Hudo was born into the world ... and what the government's objectives (federation) of the race "Hudo" itself ...
(The main character is a "Hudo" who defected after knowing what really happened ... and finally decided to strive with man (green flag), considering human capabilities can be balanced with "Hudo" if using the "R-Type", and if "R-Type "is used by Hudo ... the ability and maximum efisiensitas of" R-Type "can be said to be" beyond human reasoning ")
The main character says in the epilogue

"The truth will always be covered only for political interests and ambitions of individuals ... basically we just repeat the war" and Human Bydo back ... "

Technical Data
R-90 Ragnarok -Throne Custom-
Basically taken from the frame R-90 Ragnarok from the era of 5000 years ago ..., said R-90 is one of the most forbidden technologies after mission petamanya (R-Type III) considering the R-90 is a type of aircraft that is capable of removing the power is not limited (over power), this is all due to the "core" of the R-Type has a nuclear power combined with "Bydo Component" ...
In the era of 5000 years ago First R-90 Ragnarok complete the mission "Alone" ...
Then, in the present era of R-90 Ragnarok revived with special modifications by a collection of researchers in favor of "green flag" ... a collection of researchers called "The Throne" ... they are very wise in making decisions ... and in fact they are reluctant to use this forbidden technology for fear of making the human era will now repeat the "same tragedy" ... but because there is no other way eventually they come back "turn on" the technology of the past ... "under certain conditions"
R-90 Ragnarok Throne Custom armed vulcan, beam launcher, and Hyper Wave Cannon Burst Attack (where these attacks can be done without over-heat)
R-90 Custom Throne, has unique capabilities that are not owned by the R-90 owned soldier Green Flag in general, Throne Costum able to control the "Force" special which is said to have a system of "Split Variable Force Transformable System" (SVT-FS), a technology that allows the Air Force to change its mode according to the situation around in the middle of the battle, basically this technology is taken from the combination of force units in that bygone era; Standard Force DX, Shadow Force, Force Cyclone, and Leo Force. (throne force capable of using standard DX mode, Shadow, Cyclone, and leo)

Standard mode; able to make a withdrawal Force drones

Sadhow mode (Default); able to create a force that is put to the torch beam projection

When throne Force released a special mode can be used and the time "SVT-FS" can be effectively run;

Cyclone Attack: where two core units and a quick spin around the seal and form a beam saber jelly like a boomerang and slashing any nearby yanbg into smaller pieces.

Leo Attack: where two separate cores and move in "smart", which protects the main plane and the other to attack the enemy (the same as the RX-Albatross of Series R Type Delta)

Then was born the "Throne Force"
Force can only be controlled by the R-90 Ragnarok Throne Custom ... remember having infinite output ... Throne Force has two "Core" main combined with human DNA and "Bydo Component", to two cores is wrapped by "Jelly component" which is a component of life like "amoeba" so as to perform the division (Split skills).
Both core is rotating to one side so as to make it look like an egg Force, and basically unknown Force later this is an "embryo Hudo" who "forced" in order "not born" into "something" ... given the force is "live", because of this technical data often arises "joke" ... and reads "danger once if these eggs hatch ... continue what arises .. ???"
But in the last struggle "eggs" hatch .... and merges with the main character ... then "break up all conflicts" in view of the power generated almost "demigod" ... and the main character say ... a familiar word of pilots of the past ..
"Now im faster than light, bending time ... Whenever forever ..."
(but ultimately embryos that were born this point towards the back of the main character while in the subconscious ... embryos were born this to say if the main character is enough to fight hard for the sake of truth ... it was time to turn the "I" (embryo ) are still many struggle..and main character back home ... and when the main character to be fully human and no longer mixed race)
Saya hanya menggunakan Pensil mekanik 0,5 mm, Scanner, Photo Shop CS5...


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adhitia mulyana kusuma
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Sekali lagi saya ucapkan terima kasih banyak sudah mau melihat karya saya yang amat sangat sederhana ini.....TTATT

Namun dengan skill saya yang amat sangat terbatas, saya tetap berusaha untuk membuat yang terbaik, sebisa yang saya lakukan...

Once again I thank you so much for going to see my work very, very simple ..... TTATT

But with my skills very, very limited, I still try to make the best, as much as I do ...

Current Residence: Indonesian
Favourite genre of music: Rock, pop, etc
Favourite style of art: Katoki hajime
Operating System: Window 7
Favourite cartoon character: Miku Hatsune, Amuro Rei

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