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Annisa by adhitia Annisa by adhitia
Tells the story of a girl aged 17, a student majoring in nursing who live in a man-made island located in the Pacific ocean , where will fate bring this girl menjadu a user of Linear Gear coded " Arisa " , and fighting for the artificial island from attack by " Sphere " that supposedly invernus emergency is past ...

Annisa and also bring the special forces commander Aisha Syahjrir Sanada Gear Linear Linear users Gear " Izanagi " ...

1000 years ago man met with a new enemy in the form of " aliens " that looked like a human being with the intention of invading the earth , then one of the legendary hero " Arisa " managed to stop a war between the two , even could make unite both ...

1000 years passed , stories of heroism Arisa and his friends have been like a myth or a bedtime story ...

in the era of 1000 years to come men and invernus already united , even there is no more human race or invernus original , because the average is mixed race ... ( original and invernus man himself is a rare thing , the number of humans on earth as well diminishing drastically as mixed race hard once to breed )

then created an artificial island in the Pacific , which serves as an installation that aims to restore the human population , given the mixed race is the most difficult race to breed , breed here in the sense of gestation and infants are very risky because a baby of mixed race physically very weak but very strong when adult , plus the number of mixed-race babies are not everything can be saved for future content ...

it is an artificial island in the pacific is intended as a facility for rescue in restoring the human population on earth and tried to restore the original human race itself and invernus

Artificial islands in the Pacific also serves as an animal rescue facility races around the world that was almost extinct , including at the plant , given the number of days of plain is getting a bit due to ice on the south pole that has 85 % melt ....

All went smoothly until suddenly attacked by a pacific island Race " original invernus " who called themselves " Sphere " attack the island in the pacific , then when the event somewhere else from the other side of the island which was also hit by a prospective nurse named Annisa ( 17 ) attempted to try blocking invernus with the latest gear lienar unit who happened deposited in installations where Annisa studying ...

Is the " sphere " was ... and why the original alien race past could reappear in the present era ... ? and why the original Alien race is also the key factor in reshaping the original human race ... Adventure Annie and her colleagues began
eyetypher Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
oooo berwarnaa :'D
adhitia Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Iya..namun gak bagus-bagus amat gan...gak ada waktu...QwQ dan terima kasih :'D
adhitia Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer english not good ...=w=a
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