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Techno Disc Man "RuRu" by adhitia Techno Disc Man "RuRu" by adhitia
Spin Off TDM - Techno Discman: RR (Ruru)

Based on the "Techno Disc Man" by Antonico Pratama

Story and character design by Adhitia Mulyana Kusuma


In 2012, the world game "On-Line" is growing, then in 2016 the development of On-Line games RPG increasingly varied types of its kind ... and one of them is the "Techno Universe" On Line games based on "open source" developed by " "as one of the industry (companies) which is engaged in the world's leading software industry, said the Open Source because in this game, all types of companies should" advertise "in Techno Universe, in short character design can be made by different companies different themes and provided in accordance with standard specifications which have been specified, Game On Line Open Source titled Techno Universe take a future setting where there is a source of strength of character of the "smart discs", in a word smart in the real world this disc is nothing more than a "basic script" for the characters created in this game.

"Techno Disc Man" or abbreviated "TDM" is a race that is in the "Techno Universe", considering this is a game-themed Ol open source it would not be surprised if every character that appears very different from the games vary ... On Line in general, where each characters that are already determined by the company, then in Techno Universe ... everyone can make / order a character of its own provided in accordance with the "specific requirements" of TONICO. Inc., so it is not surprising that there are no characters that have the same physical form, and sometimes even its very "promotion" is like "sponsor" in a particular competition.

Not only that ... because of the nature of this game "unlimited" then in the world "Techno Universe" anybody can do anything, such as ordering goods, corporate meetings, private lessons, etc.. To enter the world of TM person must have the original soft ware and a Virtual Universe Techno Google ... in the soft ware is already there is a "design tool" that is easy yet accurate basis for creating your own character ... was not impossible for the "user" ordering of characters from other software companies have to spend even more ...

Another soft ware companies involved in making this character one of which is:


One of the largest companies in the world which is engaged in software, and as the creator of the game ... On Line Techno Universe

KEI-D (pronounced "keid" / Kei Data)

This is one of the leading software design firm from Japan ... This company dominates the market in their own country and throughout Southeast Asia, including Indonesia ...

AMK Hard Ware

One company assemblers and suppliers from Taiwan's leading computer hardware, which also has major offices in Indonesia, this is the only hardware company that also wanted to try out the gaming world ...

Surya Pratama Mandiri Group

One of the local soft ware developers who have strong potential, allegedly in cooperation with AMK Hard Ware.


Rani Kusuma Dewi with TDM: Ruru

Age 18 years Class 3 high school science department

The youngest daughter of three siblings, having a father who had high positions in government and politics, while his mother is the owner of the Company Surya Pratama Mandiri.

Rani has a beautiful body, beautiful, and rich like a princess of a great prosperous kingdom.

But although it says "oujo sama" (princess) Rani is someone who is very kind and not arrogant, even he is always doing all the activity itself and as much as possible without the help of others, even to school he would not escorted by a driver and chose to climb "public transportation", he's very good at sports lessons, and yes always rank one in school, including children could be said he was extremely clever.

Rani has the nature of the firm, wise, and helpful, that's why he has many friends at school and outside school, secretly without the knowledge of Rani moonlighting in reputable computer shop near his home.

although seen as a strong boy and could all but actually very fragile in it, sometimes he likes loud cry alone in her room to wake her parents slept, he sometimes cries alone when I think of "past".

Rani (Ruru): "Because, Basically, every person born into the world no one is ever born to be evil, therefore I prefer to speak directly rather than fight for no reason"

TDM Ruru

Ruru is one of the characters that are visually or modification of existing costumes on Techno Universe. Why is said modification (costumes) because these characters are original characters that are not sold freely in packages in general by another company, in short protototype Ruru is a character developed by the cooperation between the two companies, is none other than Surya Pratama Mandiri Group, AMKHardware .

Ruru was actually created by TDM Ayu Kusuma Dewi who is the younger brother of the Saints, he was one of the leading designers in Indonesia .. he created the Ruru in the hope to be able to make TDM a fun ... but unfortunately after Ruru finished Ayu finally dies world because of ill due to over-exert themselves with the job ... this is enough to make the Rani and the Saints felt so lost ... Techno Universe is essentially where the newly introduced to the public ... the idea of making the RR has been thought well before the product launch game Techno Universe

Ruru is a unique character ... where he is a character that has a wide range of applications that can be adjusted according to need. Where the application is none other than "an OS that compressed data" for some reason.

Ruru actual character name is taken from the company server code Surya Pratama Mandiri Group named "RR" (read Double R)

RR is the name of one of the servers at Surya Pratama Mandiri Group company that serves as a data storage that is "creative industries" and the server is the primary data from TDM Ruru stored.

Actually the name of this server is also the name of the character of this TDM, but since the Rani of this name is too technical and rigid therefore TDM Rani rename it to "Ruru"

TDM Ruru is full of mystery, because the action script TDM, there are many codes that are fit and vibrant. TDM also has a number of polygons that much on one object modeling that require a graphics card that is quite extreme.

Basically TDM Ruru is a TDM that can not be used in Techno Universe, considering the number of polygons that exist on Ruru, but thanks to the engine "old" called "Dynamic Cluster" then it can be used in Techno Ruru Universe ...

Dynamic Cluster is the "engine" that can create 3D objects that can be said to be very heavy can be run on computers berspesifikasi medium without significantly reducing the graphics quality, and free of "Bug".

Dynamic Cluster itself is basically created by one of the top brass Surya Pratama Mandiri Group named Suci Kusuma Dewi, and he himself is the older brother of Rani women, but unfortunately when engine Dynamic Cluster is still in development stage Rani older brother was killed, allegedly behind the killings dilatar backs on the competition between companies .... This incident makes masuh Rani who was in high school class was devastated ... even months will not talk and continue to grieve ... but after that Rani Realizing that death is not the end of everything ... everything is just the beginning .. Rani is the background to follow his brother as one of the leading programmers in the world. Scriptures themselves also develop and make the server "RR"

Ruru is basically a server running, so it is no wonder if he's able to spend a thousand kinds of weapons at the same time considering one of these characters are accommodated in a single server, and the weapon is (CD) "Combat Drones" which has a thousand variants in accordance with the functionality and usability can be adjusted according to the existing terrain, Ruru Self also has a special application that can give advice to the user in selecting a suitable weapon .. so no need to think long for the user in choosing a weapon.

Ruru Alone in the world of Techno Universe is a character type "Combattler - Tactical Mecha Musume", TDM Ruru excel in long distance attacks, but it is also possible to do CQB (Close Quarter Combat)

Combat Drone is most often used is:

1. Gatling Disc

2. Diamond Blade

3. Howitzer (gunnery name)

4. Arrow Throne

5. Dragon Breath (name of a giant shot gun, cannon imagine being shot with a gun)

Because of the awesome power of Ruru ... TDM is earned the nickname "White Heroine" or "white TDM"

for a while recently that I can write, if there is a mistake I apologize profusely, this paper will continue to be developed ....

and I apologize for the garbled English language ....
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PrivateDoomsday Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2013
Nicely done! Though you mean to say "she" when you are referring to a female; not "he", because "he" is when you refer to a male character.
adhitia Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
I apologize... QwQ

because I only use the google translator, and I have not had time to edit it, this character is female... :D

PrivateDoomsday Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2013
I understand.
miniol1024 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
adhitia Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
thanks dude...QwQ
DroidOps Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2012  Student Artist
This is.... RISING FORCE ONLINE! W00000T ::iconilavplz::
adhitia Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you very much, this work remains to be developed and improved again...QwQd
bintangsk8 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Wow Detailnya ... Mantap .... GAtllinggg NYa itu Lo .. Yang Bikin Ngilerr ,, ahahha Boleh pinjem tangan dewa nya ( PLAKKK ) wokowkow :D :D
adhitia Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Terima kasih banyak....QwQ

Namun sebenarnya karya ini masih kurang maksimal dan masih ada bebera[a distorsi....

mengingat dibuat secara buru-buru..QwQ
Arkfield Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2011  Student Filmographer
Wow.. detail nya keren abis.. :iconwhutplz:
gak bisa berkata2 lgi..
KEREN.. :iconilavplz:
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